In order for your Paper to be included in the Proceedings, please note the followings:

Information for Final Submission ( Please pay the registration fee first, the registration way as following )
  •  1.   Deadline for Final Submission
    • 10 March 2017 15 March 2017
  •  2.   Files Required
    • Please submit the files as follows:
    • (a) PDF file of paper;
    • (b) receipt after VERIFIED to be IEEE Xplore compatible;
    • (c) scanned IEEE Copyright Form.
    • All these files must be uploaded to the system for Final Submission.
    • The Final Manuscript must be prepared using the 2017 CCDC paper template and VERIFIED to be IEEE Xplore compatible, the Chinese paper need to be translated into English.
    • Click here to download the template for 2017CCDC and the IEEE Copyright Form.
      Click here to convert your source file(s) to IEEE Xplore compatible PDF or check whether your PDF file is IEEE Xplore compatible, the Conference ID is 40495X. You can refer to the IEEE eXpress Instructions for assistance.
  •  3.   Submission Way
    • Only e-submission is acceptable, and only the corresponding author can submit the final paper, moreover, your registration fee must be prepaid.
    • The PIN and password are identical with your First Submission.
  •  4.   Paper Length
    • Each paper is limited to 6 pages of A4 size. Each page in excess of 6 will incur a charge of RMB 200. The conference does not receive the paper exceed 8 pages.
    Information for Registration
  •           1.   Deadline for Registration
    • 10 March 2017 15 March 2017
  •  2.   Registration Fee

      Each paper must be registered by one author according to the registration information of 2017 CCDC. Other author(s) of the paper who want to attand the conference must pay the same registeration fee. Details are listed in the following table.



      Advance Registration by March 15 2017

      Regular Registration after March 15 2017

      IEEE Member

      CNY2300 (SGD500) CNY2500 (SGD540)

      Non-IEEE Member

      CNY2500 (SGD540) CNY2700 (SGD580)

        which covers:
      • *   Page charge of one paper(The page limit is 6 pages);
      • *   A CD-ROM of the proceedings;
      • *   Meals during the conference period;
      • *   Conference banquet.
        Extra Charges incur for the following cases:
      • *   One additional paper of the same author (the first author) is allowed with an extra charge CNY 1200 (SGD 250);
      • *   Up to 2 extra pages per paper are allowed with extra page charge CNY 200 (SGD 40)/page;
      • *   For authors with three or more papers, they have to pay a new registration fee to cover their third and/or fourth papers.
    •  3.   The way for registration
        For the authors from Mainland China :
      • Please go to the chinese page of the website for more details.
      Particular Reminders
      • 1. Further information about the final program, hotel etc will be publicized on the web soon.
      • 2. If you have any problem in preparing and submitting your paper, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: