CCDC 2023
20-22 May

Guidelines for “Chinese Control and Decision Conference (CCDC) Most Popular Academic Works Award”

In order for CCDC to better play its role as an academic platform for disseminating outstanding achievement, inspiring innovative ideas, popularizing scientific and technological knowledge, and exhibiting the values of the outstanding papers published at the conference, the CCDC Outstanding Academic Achievement Exhibition cum the Most Popular Academic Works Award will be organized annually in concurrence with the CCDC main conference. The general guidelines are listed as follows:
1. Methods and requirements for participation
☆ Participants need to be the authors of the papers included in the CCDC proceedings of the current year, or the authors of the papers published in 《Control and Decision》 last year.
☆ Participants need to submit a short video of up to 5 minutes, in MP4 format and not exceeding 200MB.
☆ The video needs to be related to the content of the accepted paper. Participants are encouraged to expand and extend the original content of the paper, and to be innovative in their video presentation style and forms of expression.
☆ Video submission timeline is from February to March of each year. More details on the specific submission time and method will be announced in due course on the official website and WeChat account of CCDC.
2. Award
☆ The title of the award is “Most Popular Academic Works Award”.
3. Award Selection Process
☆ The CCDC Organizing Committee will conduct a preliminary selection of the submitted works.
☆ The selected works will be uploaded for public viewing to the conference's official website and other official media. Finalists will be selected solely based on the accumulated number of likes on all media platforms.
☆ The organizing committee will invite renowned experts in control and decision-making from both home and abroad to form an award committee to evaluate and recommend the shortlisted works. Key criteria will include academic quality, creativity, and the total number of valid votes.
☆ The general chair and the award committee chair will select the winner, strictly based on the final review scores and recommendations. The results will be publically announced before the date of the conference.
4. Presentation of the Award
☆ The award certificate and a prize of 1000 RMB will be presented to the winner during the award presentation ceremony.
5. Miscellaneous
☆ The CCDC Organizing Committees and Organizers reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the award guidelines.